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LLSC Organization Structure

  • Board of Governors
    • 2019 Flag Officers

      Chris Beisner

      Immediate Past Commodore
      Bill Harshman

      Vice Commodore
      Carol Reddaway  

      Rear Commodore
      James Howard  

      Jamie Yezzi

      John Bryant  


      Jackie Cattanach
      Marian Evatt
      Pat Finnick
      Tom King
      Nancy Martin
      Brent McKenzie
      Will Morang
      Jeremy Pape
      Kurt Stadele

  • Sailing Director
    • Daniel Postell, Sailing Director @ Lake Lanier Sailing Club

      February 2019 – LLSC welcomes Daniel Postell as our new Sailing Director. 

      Daniel first developed his love for sailing as a member of LLSC’s junior program. After his family relocated to Idaho in 2011, Daniel continued to pursue a career in sailing through numerous coaching jobs both here in Georgia and in the Pacific Northwest. Daniel has worked as a lead sailing instructor for LLSC (2016 – 2018), University Yacht Club (2011 – 2017), Corinthian Yacht Club in Seattle (2016 – 2018), and Sail Sand Point also in Seattle (2014 – 2017). Daniel has made many friends in the sailing industry, and he has earned the respect and trust of those he’s worked for, worked with, and those he’s trained. Daniel is a certified US Sailing Level 1 instructor and is planning to pursue his Level 2 certification later this year.

      We are fortunate to have Daniel on our team and are looking forward to his many contributions to the club, our junior program, and all our sailors both young and less young.  You can sometimes find Daniel in the Sailing Director’s Office – just across the parking lot from the club – but most days you’ll probably find him out on the water, the Jr. field or somewhere in between.  

      To contact Daniel, please click here.

  • Property Manager

    • Here at Lake Lanier Sailing Club we are very fortunate to have Bill Epps as our property manager. Bill is the reason that we can come up to the club and find everything clean, neat and in working order.

      Bill is a native of Georgia. He grew up and went to school in Tucker. For many years he owned and operated a Brake repair shop in East Point. He spent most of his adult life living in Lawrenceville. He has one daughter and one grandson. He has a great sense of humor which really helps when you are working for a club like ours.

      Bill works and answers directly to the rear commodore, so if you find a problem that needs to addressed, please email or call the rear commodore or any Board member.

      Bill has an abundance of practical skills that allows him to fix any type of minor problem from plumbing, electrical, small and large engine to equipment repairs. He keeps everything working so that when you come up to the club, you don't have to worry about any of the club facilities not working or being nasty. When you are here at the club to play or relax and everything works and is clean and neat, you can thank Bill. He does a great job of taking care of us and this wonderful facility.

      Bill does have a great personality that is required when dealing with so many different folks. Be sure to always give him a pat on the back for the great job he does.

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