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LLSC Hosts Several One Design Racing Fleets

as well as a more traditional Auxiliary PHRF fleet. There are several opportunities throughout the year to learn more about the Club's fleets and fleet captains offer an open invitation  to join them in a day of racing. Many of our fleet racing members not only compete at the local level but travel to race in the Southeast , Nationally and Internationally !  Well organized LLSC  fleet racing is one of LLSC's unique and distinct member benefits. 

Click on the below roster of current  LLSC  fleets to learn more and contact the fleet captain. 

  • Keelboat Fleet
    • The Keelboat Fleet represents all keelboats at Lake Lanier Sailing Club. The Keelboat Fleet is the most varied fleet at LLSC, consisting of a broad spectrum of sailboats from 20' to large cruisers. We also have one design fleets such as J-24, Wavelength 24, J-22, Capri 22 and Melges 24 joining us in the fun.

      Racing within the keelboat fleet, one can race against many types of boats, often those that are similar in type and configuration. We use the Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) Time-On-Distance for handicapping. All our regattas are open so that other clubs around the lake can come join us.

      The Keelboat Fleet sponsors several events throughout the year including: the Wednesday Night Series I & II (two 10 race series) & Wednesday Night Encore Series (5 races), the Dogwood Regatta in the spring, and the weekend PHRF Championship Series (3 race days throughout the year). Additionally, we participate in the Lanier Cup, a lake-wide club championship challenge.

      Whatever time of the year it is, the Keelboat Fleet has racing options open for you. Since the club is part of the Lanier Auxiliary Racing Committee (LARC), there are fall and winter races that are open to our fleet. Whether you are a racing fanatic or a laid back cruiser that wants to go the same direction as the other sailboats, this fleet is for you.

      Fleet Captain: Warren Collier


  • C22
    • Catalina 22 Fleet 58 regularly participates in LLSC fleet racing and regional and national regattas and annually hosts the Gone with the Wind Regatta. Fleet 58 is the home of 5 past national champions and annually hosts the Gone with the Wind Regatta

      Fleet Captain: Dennis Slaton

      Phone - 770-534-2657


      Link to National Class Association:
  • CR-914
    • The 914 millimeter-long CR 914 is based on the original design of the International America's Cup Class. Because the CR 914 is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased fully built or can be assembled from a kit without special skills or tools, it qualifies as an entry-level class. But it is also a high performance racing machine that accelerates quickly, turns on a dime and points like a tour guide. It sails well in an extremely wide range of wind velocities, without having to use multiple rigs for light and heavy air like some other classes must do.

      We sail year round.

      Fleet Captain: Chuck Weaver

      Phone: 770-781-2823

  • Flying Scot
    • The Flying Scot is a 19-foot centerboard sloop used for both family daysailing and racing. The Flying Scot is one of the oldest and largest one-design sailboat classes in the world and has been inducted into the American Sailboat Hall of Fame.

      The Flying Scot Sailing Association (FSSA) is one of the strongest one-design class associations in the world. Strict adherence to the one design concept means that the Flying Scot built this year will remain compatible and competitive for years to come with newer as well as older boats. Owners of Flying Scots are assured that their boats will last for years, and its re-sale value will remain excellent.

      LLSC owns two Flying Scots that are available for adult sailing lessons and can be chartered by members for racing in club events.

      Fleet Captain: Peter Kowalski
      Phone: 404-315-0539

      Link to National Class Website:

  • High Performance (Multi Hull)
    • The High Performance Fleet is home to performance oriented dinghies and multi-hulls. Fleet members regularly measure speeds in excess of 20 knots, and are always looking to go faster. The single-handed A-class catamaran is the most popular boat in the fleet, and is currently undergoing rapid development as the class moves to a full foiling configuration. The High Performance Fleet also includes sailors of the Olympic class 49'er dinghy, Weta Trimaran, and powerful double-handed, twin-trapeze F16 and F18 catamarans. We are always happy to welcome other members out for a ride or to learn more about high performance sailing.

      Fleet Captain: Bailey White
      Phone:  404-775-1039


      Link to National Class Websites:

      49er class:
      F16 Class:
      F18 Class:

  • J24
    • Over 5,300 J/24s have been built around the world. It is probably the most successful small one-design keelboat class in the history of sailing. The J/24 class attracts some of the most talented sailors in the world. J/24 sailors often dominate Grand Prix events, the America’s Cup, and the Olympics. Because of this concentration of talent, you get the chance to sail with and learn from the best. The J/24 also attracts the weekend club sailor because the boat is fun and responsive in any condition, and can be easily handled by one or two people. Rugged construction, 4-berth interior, outboard power, and easy trailerability provide the confidence and comfort to stretch your sailing horizons where no other small boat can go.

      Fleet Captain: James Howard 

      Phone: 770-447-0739

      Link to National Class website:

  • Laser
    • The LLSC fleet has been around since the 1970's. We have a very active winter series, plus a spring and fall regatta. The fleet is a good place for new laser sailors to practice and learn from several club members who have many years of sailing lasers under their belt. We also partner up with the club junior sailors on training days. If you are interested in learning more about the laser, contact the fleet captain.

      Fleet Captain: Robert Burke

      Phone: 770-456-5660

      Link to National Class Website:

  • Lightning
    • Lightning Fleet 348 sails out of the Lake Lanier Sailing Club and actively sails in both local fleet races, club open regattas and participates in both regional and national class events in the Southeast. We typically have an invitational regatta in the fall. Our fleet currently has about 8 Lightnings.

      Fleet Captain: Tom Wynn

      Phone: 678-427-8149


      Link to National Class Website:

  • MC Scow
    • The MC Scow class is one of the largest one-design sailboat racing classes in North America with active fleets throughout the Southeast and Midwestern United States. The boat was originally designed and engineered by Harry C. Melges Sr. and Buddy Melges during the mid-1960’s and new boats are still constructed by Melges Boat Works today. The powerful sail plan and stable scow hull design make the MC a high performance race boat that is also enjoyable as a single – or double-handed day sailor. The Lake Lanier MC Scow fleet is active in weekend fleet racing and encourages participation in regional and national invitational regattas.

      Fleet Captain: Jeremy Pape
      Phone: 770-540-5860

      Link to National Fleet Website:

  • Melges 14

    • The Melges 14 class is a one-design skiff built with simplicity and high performance in mind. Everyone from children to adults can sail the Melges 14 competitively.   

      Lake Lanier Sailing Club hosts one of the largest fleets in the Southeast, along with neighboring clubs in Tennessee, Florida, and North Carolina. The Melges 14 Southern Championship is held each year in the fall, coinciding with the LLSC Halloween Regatta.  

      By simply interchanging the mast tip, you can modify the Melges 14 to best fit you. The Melges 14 can be sailed singlehandedly or with a crew of two in the following configurations:  

      MELGES RED Rig  75-125 lbs. 
      MELGES BLUE Rig 125-175 lbs. 
      MELGES GOLD Rig 175 to 250 lbs.  

      The LLSC Melges 14 Fleet offers demos year-round for anyone interested in joining the fleet. Simply contact our fleet captain, Scott Bean, via one of the methods below:  

      Facebook Group:  
      Phone: 470-421-2502

  • Melges 24
    • Local fleet of 10 boats; 5 of which often compete in out of town regattas such as Key West Race Week, Charleston Race Week, US Nationals, Worlds 2016 and other southeastern regional events.

      Fleet Captain: Pat Finnick 
      Phone: 678-616-6225

      Link to National Class Website:

  • Portsmouth
    • The Portsmouth Fleet conducts Thursday Night Races during the summer for any small boats that choose to enter. There are usually 2 or 3 short races, wind and weather permitting, each night during the series.

      Fleet Captain: Ben Harbin
      Phone: 678-539-7748

  • Sailboard
    • LLSC Sailboards host the Atlanta Fall Classic each October. This is longest running windsurfing event in the universe.

      Fleet Captain: Chris Voith
      Phone: 404-386-8505

      Link to National Class Website:

  • Thistle
    • The Thistle is a high performance one design racing sailboat generally sailed by two or three people. The Thistle Class Association is recognized as one of the largest and best one-design classes in the country. Our local fleet, Fleet 79, has a long history at LLSC and is active on the Southeast Circuit. Our Fleet regularly competes in The Thistle Nationals.

      The Thistle is ideal for junior sailors and many regattas encourage youth participation with reduced fees for junior members. Often teams are comprised of family members. With a relatively large mainsail, easy trailering, Thistles are perfect for lake racing or cruising, or just family fun.

      Fleet Captain: David Reddaway

      Link to National Class website:

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