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Look no further! LLSC has a class for you!  LLSC currently offers 3 learn to sail options: Adult Sailing 101,  Adult Racing 101 or WWW. (Women, Wind and Water) These classes feature on the water sailing training at Lake Lanier Sailing Club and are designed to help you develop sailing skills. We also offer a First Sail Experience. See the program details below. 

These are open class to the Atlanta sailing community to foster growth and education in our sport, LLSC membership is not required.

All classes will be taught in the Flying Scot sailboat - which is a 19’ cruiser/racer sailboat that offers variety of options to learn to sail or for the more avid one-design racers.

The Flying Scot is comfortable, stable and safe as well as fun and fast. For complete details on the boat go to

Adult Sailing 101

Want to start your path to sailing as a sport, need a refresher course or just want to refresh your basic skills? This is the class for you. Taught by a Level I certified US Sailing coach, this class will offer you the basic skills to get off the dock, sailing safely and confidently in a variety of conditions and safely returning to the dock. Each class is designed to be 3 hours long with 2+ hours on the water and 45 minutes of rigging, chalk talk and de-rigging.

Adult Racing 101

This class will be geared towards the beginner racer who wants to get on the race course, learn the basics of racing, starting, rules and strategy. This will be offered in conjunction with our regularly scheduled racing series. Coaching will occur for up to 1 hour prior to the start of the race, between races and debrief following the race. Scheduled as needed. Please contact the Sailing Director for more information.

WWW Sailing (Wind, Water and Women)

This class is designed as an entry point to fun sailing with the ladies. We encourage all levels to participate and come have fun with female instructors on the boats. The focus will be learning terminology, getting comfortable with the basics and taking it one step at a time. Camaraderie, safety and fun will be the focus.

To Sign Up for any of the courses listed above, please CLICK HERE

First Sail Experience 

The unique on-the-water opportunity is designed to provide a memorable experience that also gives access to online training that prepares beginners for their first time sailing.

  • Scheduled First Sails coming this fall! Contact us for immediate dates.
  • 3 hrs of sailing fun, $80 per person. Family rate is $150 for up to 4  people. 
  • Private scheduling available

First Sail is a nationwide initiative developed by US Sailing with support from sailing schools, community sailing centers, yacht clubs and other sailing industry organizations around the United States. The goal of First Sail is to educate the public on the benefits of sailing as a fun and exciting recreational activity for people of all ages and abilities and connect them with opportunities to get involved. First Sail offers a pathway to participation through resources and information on how to get started and find a place to go sailing. 

What is the First Sail Experience?

The First Sail Experience is a two-hour lesson offered to anyone through a growing list of First Sail Locations, comprised of community sailing centers, sailing schools and yacht clubs around the country.

This unique opportunity offers beginners an introduction to sailing in a casual setting and is designed to provide a memorable experience that will motivate newcomers to continue sailing.

Participants will get out on the water with an instructor in a keelboat provided by the First Sail Location. The First Sail Experience features basic sailing hands-on learning that will cover topics such as, how a sail works, parts of a sailboat, points of sail, and important safety guidelines.

Additionally, all First Sail Experience participants will have access to Chapter 1 of Basic Keelboat Online, a US Sailing online training course designed to prepare beginners for their first time on the water.

Topics included in US Sailing's Basic Keelboat Online (preview) course:

  1. The Parts of a boat
  2. The parts of a sail
  3. How a sail works
  4. What it means to trim a sail
  5. The different points of sail

Topics covered in the on-water session:

  1. Sail controls and basic sail trim
  2. Slowing the boat under control
  3. Raising and lowering sails
  4. Overview of departing & returning to the dock
  5. Line handling safety including halyards, sheets and winches
  6. Tacking & Jibing including boom control
  7. Team building - tacking & jibing

What's a First Sail Location?

Lake Lanier Sailing Club is proud to be one of the First Sail locations in the Southeast. First Sail Locations are comprised of a diverse group of community sailing centers, sailing schools, yacht clubs, and sailing organizations around the country. These First Sail Locations encourage individuals to experience the joy of sailing through a unique First Sail Experience that offers beginners an introduction to sailing and designed to motivate newcomers to continue their participation.

More information is available on or Email the Sailing Director to find out more information. 



  • 3 hrs of sailing fun, $80 per person. Family rate is $150 for up to 4  people. 

Adult Sailing Courses:
Adult Sailing Courses


Registration for club owned Flying Scot (2) use.
Members may check out boats at any time that they are not being used
for classes (adult & junior). Additional fees for regattas may apply.
All members must perform a skills checkout with
Sailing Director prior to use (2018 members are exempt from skills test).   
For Reservations & Check Out Contact 

Summer Sailing Programs for Youth!
Our Sailing Camps are now available:
2019 Summer Sail Camps

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