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What is the Age Group?

Minimum and maximum ages are a must for our program: age 7 until 18 or graduated from High School.

Does LLSC have Club owned boats?

Sailing is an investment in both time and equipment. The Junior Program ONLY owns 8 Optimist and are designed to encourage NEW members or soon-to-be-members to try it out or charter for camp. They will always get priority. If you want a boat to use consistently – please consider purchasing one. Typically used Optis from our program go for $500-1,500. They lose very little value over a 4-6 year use cycle. It is an investment, but isn’t every sport?

The Club Owned 420s are used for training programs, classes and college/high school sailing. These are used for instructional use only. Club members are not permitted to check out unless it is part of a training opportunity. 

Does my child need to know how to swim?

A swim check is required for all sailors participating in our camp and training programs. The test consists of jumping off the end of the dock without a life jacket swimming to the shore, treading water, and putting a life jacket on while treading water. This test helps ensure the safety of all our sailors. This is the standard requirement as set forth by US Sailing. All Juniors should demonstrate a comfort level in and around the water during the swim test and capsize drill. We strongly encourage all parents to practice this prior to camp.

If I have another type of boat other than an Opti, C420 or laser, can I bring that to camp?

We ONLY support instruction for Optimist, Laser (4.7/Radial/Full) and C420 (Spin and Non-Spin).

Does the program have any motor boats?

The Junior Program has a Jr. Barge & Aluminum Jon boat in the water available for use by Club members to facilitate Junior training and provide safety while Juniors are sailing. Parents are encouraged to use these boats for that purpose only. Please report any issues to the Jr. Director for fixing/repair. The Junior Zodiac is located in the C Lot and can be launched to provide additional safety boats and only to be launched and used by qualified parents/coaches.

Is this program just about racing?

No, we have several family activities, fun sailing and Junior social events scheduled during the year. This is dependent on parent support and enthusiasm for these events.

Do the parents need to volunteer to support this program?

LLSC was founded on the principle of volunteer spirit and that continues today and part of the reason the Club is so successful. This is a parent run program with a Jr. Director. In order to support such a large program (80+ Juniors and over 40 scheduled Junior events) we need to have everyone pitching in. We don't support or encourage parents to 'drop off' their Juniors for the day during scheduled junior activities. This is not a babysitting program rather a sailing program.

Can I store my Junior’s boat at the club?

Active Junior Boats (Optimist, Laser and C420 ONLY) are permitted to be stored in the Jr. Field of Dreams area for members per Club By-laws Section VII.G.1.c. No trailers or cars are permitted in this area. DOLLY ONLY.

Do you have to be a member of Lake Lanier Sailing Club in order for my child to participate?

Can my son/daughters friend participate in camp? We get many requests every year for friends to join our program activities. We encourage everyone to share their love of sailing, however, as the Club ONLY owns 8 Optimist and no Lasers, it will be your responsibility to facilitate finding the friend a boat. The exception to that will be the C420 program because the boats are provided.

Are there other ways we can volunteer?

Many 'jobs' are needed to help support our program such as kitchen duty, race committee, barge fixing, boat cleaning, etc. Please be sure you sign up to help. Please also encourage your juniors to help with work days as well.

Is there a Code of Conduct?

Every Junior participating in our program is required to sign the code of conduct for the program. We take this seriously so please make sure your Junior reads it and understands it. Failure to comply with the above conditions will result in disciplinary action by the LLSC Junior Sailing directors. This disciplinary action may also result in suspension of activities or removal from the program.

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